​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​MOBILE WOOD-FIRED PIZZA in spokane

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Due to our busy schedule and high demands, we suggest reserving your date as early as possible. We require a deposit of half down, which is simply used to hold your date.


We like to keep our pricing simple and as transparent as possible. Our rates depend on a few factors; the number of attendees, location, food and beverage options, the type of event, and the required serve time. As a rough estimate, our prices range from $13-$20 per person, plus tax and gratuity. Please call or email with details and we can provide you with an approximate quote.

For public events our prices range from $13-$18 per pizza, depending on your toppings. The pizzas are approximately 9"-11" and feed one to two people. 


We provide four different pizza options and two different salad options, in addition to the four pizzas we will serve cheese and pepperoni pizzas as well. Appetizers and beverages are available for an additional cost, if interested please inquire.

On average we figure people eat roughly 4 slice a piece, some less, some more. We bring plenty of food to accommodate! Once everyone has gotten plenty to eat, we box up the remaining and leave them for you and your guests.

We also provide disposable utensils, plates, and napkins, as well as parmesan and crushed red

pepper flakes. We can provide buffet tables and linens if needed. 


How does it work?  We arrive around 60 minutes prior to your event, back our oven into your

desired location and set up our 10×10 mobile kitchen tent. Your guests are able to watch us

prepare and cook the pizzas. We serve a variety of traditional, artisan, and signature style pizzas.

How is the pizza served? We serve 14” to 16" pizzas cut into 8 slices, served family style from

buffet tables. Or let us know how you'd like us to serve and we're happy to accommodate.  

How long does it take? We cook between 800 and 950 degrees and rotate multiple pizzas through

the oven at a time, and the pizzas cook in 60 to 90 seconds.

What is the foot print of your set up and how much space is required?  We require a hard,

level, flat surface. Driveways and streets work best but it's not an issue to park on grass or dirt. 

Our foot print is 10'×25'.

What if it rains?  We have cooked and served in some pretty challenging weather; 20 plus mph

winds, torrential downpours, from 100+ degrees down to 0 degrees, where there is a will there is a

way! If weather is severe and there is a garage or structure available, we can back our oven up to it and set up our kitchen inside. If nothing is available we make do and do our best!

What time do you arrive? Depending on the event, we arrive roughly 60 minutes prior to service time. If it's a wedding, we will arrange a time to setup earlier as to not be a distraction.  

How long is your typical service?  Our typical service lasts up to two hours, but it really depends on the number of attendees.

Does your oven give off smoke?  Once we arrive and light the fire, the chimney will initially put out light smoke. As the oven gets hotter, less smoke is produced.

Is your oven a fire hazard? Absolutely not, the dome is very insulated and no flame escapes the oven. All of our tents are fire proof, we carry a certified fire extinguisher and have it readily available at all times. We are inspected at least twice per year from the area fire marshals. 

How far will you travel?  We typically stay within an hour’s drive of Spokane and the surrounding areas, however we are willing to make exceptions. 

Do you require electricity? Yes, we require 110v electricity if available. Regardless we always bring our low-decibel Honda generator in case power is not available, or if there are any issues regarding overloaded circuits.

Do you require running water or a refrigeration? No, we are completely self contained.

Do you offer Gluten Free Dough? Yes, we have a great gluten free option.

Do you work with food allergies? Yes, we sure do.

Can you provide food safety requirements and proof of insurance coverage?  Yes, we have our food handlers permits and have passed all inspections with both the Spokane Regional Health District and the Panhandle Health District. Copies can be provided upon request.